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Volunteer Opportunities

We Want You

Are you looking for a way to give back to the community?
Monongahela Valley Hospital is continuously recruiting volunteers to assist patients in The Orthopedic Institute. This is a specialized volunteer program designed to support our joint replacement patients.

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers work beside the medical and professional staff as they provide care to patients. They support patients serving-one-on-one sometimes even as an extended family 'coach' during therapy and group activities.

What makes a good volunteer?

Anyone who is compassionate makes a good volunteer. People who have received joint replacement in the past are ideal too. In addition, anyone who has time to spare are always welcome.

Why Volunteer?

Gail Jericho

of Donora enjoys giving back to Monongahela Valley Hospital. Twelve years ago she retired from her position in the hospital's Escort Department and because she missed the patients and staff, she began volunteering as part of MVH's 'Ask Me' Greeter program. Recently, when she learned that The Orthopedic Institute was seeking volunteers to act as coaches and to assist with the group and reunion lunches she decided to volunteer four hours a week as another way to interact with patients again.

Sandi Mackey

of Carroll Township, had both of her hips replaced by Dr. Scott Baron - one in 2010 and the other in 2011. She explained that she received such wonderful treatment when she was a patient at Monongahela Valley Hospital that she felt that she owed it to others to help them during their hospital stays for joint replacements. Sandi enjoys volunteering 10 hours a month at The Orthopedic Institute because she is helping patients and she has an opportunity to interact with her daughter, Stacey Doleno, The Orthopedic Institute's lead physical therapist.

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